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United Methodist Women Reading Plan


Due to minimal response it is not practical to continue the United Methodist Women South West District Book Club.

What was determined is that people do like reading a book together and totally enjoy discussion sessions. So - present a book from the Reading Program to your unit and get together for a morning break, lunch or afternoon break and form your own BOOK CLUB.  Better yet begin now to complete a Reading Plan for this new year together!  Read On!

Sandy Segur, Secretary Program Resources

This book has been described to me several times as an extremely good book.  It was to have been the final newly formed book club read for fall. The discussion questions are below and this could be the first of your 2018-2019 Reading Plan for the Spiritual Growth Category.

Sandy Segur

"Adventure of Ascent:
Field Notes from a Lifelong Journey"

Field Notes From a Lifelong Journey
By Luci Shaw
InterVarsity Press, 2014

For most of us, growing older is a reality we try to put off, but then we realize — shockingly — that it happens anyway. We immediately look around to see how others on the path just ahead of us a dealing with it. Here is the intrepid Luci Shaw, taking you on a virtual hike with steps more deliberate and slow but also with surprising vistas that fill us with gratitude.
In this book, Shaw serves as a fearless and eloquent scout. As she traverses new territory, she records her experiences lovingly, honestly, sorrowfully and joyfully. Here's what it's like, and here's what to be ready for. These field notes will inform your own journey, no matter what your age.

Discussion Questions:
Author Lucy Shaw writes poetically about her “lifelong journey”.  What are you feeling as you begin this discussion on aging.

“Our expressions vary; some have a grin for anyone who greets them; some project enthusiasm and optimism; some faces are drawn with effort and ache” (page 16). What expression would people say your face conveys now? How do you expect it will change – or do you expect it to change – in the future?

Physical limitations and diminished mental capacity are involved with aging. Do you fear physical or mental losses more? What in particular?

The author shares that driving frees her from the hindrances of physical disability (page 25). What new activities have you found that reduce the inevitable limitations due to aging?

Why do you think we as a society are so fixated on aging, or preventing aging?

“I struggle with ambition, the hope that something I’ve contributed to the world has lasting value, and might even be unique, what no one else has done or could have done” (page 53). We all want a life lived with “no regrets” do you think that’s a realistic goal to have? Why or why not?

Lucy talks about “a good death” (page 63). Have you witnessed such a passing? What would it look like to you?

Lucy shares her experience of being treated as “a fragile old lady” (page 65). When have you experienced a similar feeling? If you are younger, does her story affect how you might treat those older than you?

In chapter 9, Learning to Breathe, Lucy shares what brings her comfort and rest: a warm bed, music, beautiful scenes from Christmas cards, poetry, nature and prayer. What brings you comfort and rest or is this something you need to discover in your life?

The verb “attend” is appealing to the author. At this point in your life what verb are you drawn to and why (page 78)?

Throughout the book Lucy brings up in various ways the question “what is the significance of the present moment when the rest of life looks so drastically limited” (page 157)? What is your answer to this question or is it one you’d rather not think about?

Lucy Shaw’s elegant style of writing offers up many soulful nuggets. Which in particular were meaningful to you?

While aging is universal, each of our lives are unique. Were there any aspects of the author’s story that didn’t resonate with you or that you can’t imagine experiencing?

Questions about books on Reading plan

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